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Amateur Radio is all about Magic! It's magic to talk to a complete stranger on the other side of the world while sitting in my chair

Amateur Radio is a never-ending journey, because  its aim is not the destination, but the journey itself. My experience has been rewarding in many ways, mainly from a human point of view.


I started more than 40 years ago, when I was 15, and still feel the excitement as it were the first day. That's why I love ham radio
Amateur radio is a mixture of activities within radio, including receiving, and or transmitting to other amateur stations around the world, Back on 1966 My Radio Station @ Beit-Zvi Ramat Gan , Receiver : HRO7 two pairs of 813's made a 1 Killowatt AM Power , Antenna was a 2 element Cubical quad (steering manualy watch the wheel to the map....)  
The types of communication, or modes, can be voice, morse code, slow scan or fast scan tv, and data. At least 95% of countries in the world allow their citizens to practice the
hobby, and all have a method of licensing and allocation of call signs according to country. For example in ISRAEL  all call signs until recently commenced with "4X" In the US they are "W", "K", or a mixture of these, and so it goes for each country.

The purpose of the hobby is to promote the self teaching  the art of radio communication, together with the bringing together of all nationalities, and creeds.


On duty, 1972 - Army Club Station @ Mitzpe Ramon


One of the many features of this hobby is the ability to use your own home made equipment, whether it be transmitters, receivers, test equipment, or aerial systems. It gives great scope for the intrepid experimenter!. 

Not only using terrestrial communications, but a host of satellite links too!. For example TCP/IP is widely used within amateur radio, at baud rates from 300 baud upto 115 Kbaud, and higher on the microwave band of frequencies, where the channel

1965 My first home brew equipment made out of junk post WWII surplus on the left Halicrafters S38 Receiver Modified to double conversion , Mechanical Semiautomatic Bug Morse keyer , Transmiter with pair of 807's Geloso VFO , Crystal Microphone.....

bandwidth permits. In latter years there has been developments   in VOIP ( voice over internet protocol) systems such as EchoLink , EQso,  IRLP, and as of August 2006 a unique system


 simulating rf use in the internet called QSONET.These combined radio and internet linking systems provided for radio amateurs by radio amateurs are an exiting
 and ongoing development of which must be the best hobby anyone would wish to become involved with.


1967 HeathKit SB-101

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